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DDOS in a Nutshell. How it works and why it stinks

posted by Trka on Aug 09, 2017
in Systems

DDOS, by nature, is a particularly tricky attack strategy. It's important for anyone who comes close to a server - tech. or no - to understand what it is and how it works, because it works so differently from "regular" malware.

Processing Raw Google Analytics data with Elastic Stack - Part 1, Getting raw data

posted by Trka on Jul 29, 2017
in Infrastructure, Metrics and Mining, Mining

Alone, this is only slightly magical. This part is about configuring GA and your site-side tracking code to collect traffic in a way that can be collected 1:1. The full suite is sort of a big deal, though.

A SASS Primer: (less than) 90% of it in (less than) 90 mins

posted by Trka on Jul 28, 2017
in Code, SASS

Playing with SASS. I'm going for a "90% of [blank] in 90 minutes" sort of thing, but we're not covering 90% and hopefully this won't take 90 minutes. More of a dip your toes thing, but we're dipping our toes pretty deep.